20 Rules – what are yours? | Part 1

ground rules large 20 Rules   what are yours? | Part 1This is not my usual post, but I believe it will add some value to the conversation. While surfing the net the other day, I got into a discussion with Tony Steward from Lifechurch.tv. He had a blog post on 20 rules that if used everyday/week would change our lives or strengthen our walk. Tony challenged us to create a list of our own. So here is mine.

This is going to be a 2parter. Part 1- I am going to list my rules, that if used, I would be healthier and make my life better. Part 2 - I am going to list my rules that if followed would make my marketing and relationships better.

Here is Part 1

  1. spend time in prayer/study/meditation
  2. no sodas, just water
  3. limit coffee to 2 times a day (3 on a long day)
  4. exercise every day
  5. make sure I spend time with my wife
  6. make sure I listen while my wife is talking during that time we are together
  7. spend quality time with my kids
  8. clean out my inbox of emails
  9. create a batch time for reading my rss feeds
  10. learn something new about God/life
  11. just learn something new
  12. create a to do list and stick to it
  13. turn off the internet for at least an hour each day
  14. go outside for a little while – take in the fresh air
  15. eat more fruit
  16. not eat after 8
  17. go to bed at 11pm
  18. take the TV and laptops out of the bedroom
  19. add value to someones day
  20. find time to be nice to someone

Please take time to list your rules in the comment section or put a link to your blog in the comment section. When you are finished please take a look at Tony Steward’s blog.

20 Rules – what are yours? | Tony Steward:. Blog

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