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About Us

Creating & Communicating Brands of Excellence

RealSource Marketing, LLC (RSM) is an established brand creation and communications agency, focusing upon three key areas of brand management and innovation: Urban Marketing, Church Brand Marketing, and Design.

RSM aims to be recognized as the expert consultancy in business branding within the Urban and Faith Based Sector, specializing in growth-orientated organizations who are seeking to drive through improvements in the effectiveness of their marketing.

We strive to achieve this via the employment of a highly focused team of well-educated marketing and creative personnel who share a common approach to shaping our marketplace via the total commitment to quality and accountability, and lastly, via the development of branding processes which will become recognized as leaders in their sector. We feel these ambitions mean we will never be the biggest, but we must strive to be the best. At RSM, we recognize that we will only be as successful as the reputation we earn from working with our clients.

RSM is focused upon delivering precisely engineered ‘communications fit’ between brands and their target audiences – with the emphasis very much upon delivering effectiveness. RSM is a privately owned and established business which has remained consistently profitable through its evolution. This has allowed the business to channel its resources into constant improvement and continuous learning.

We leverage the specialist skills of our small team of professionals to create, manage, grow and defend our client’s brand. Our distinctive approach of harnessing creativity with a long-term strategic vision ensure that brands resonate with target audiences and drive your business forward.

Typical brand communications include: • Corporate identity development • Corporate literature • Report & Accounts • Corporate, promotional & brand web sites • Sales literature • Exhibition design and management • Audio-visual presentations • Sales force presentations • Internal communications (newsletters, intranet etc) • Electronic branding (e-zines, HTML mailers, Microsoft templates etc) • Brand Guidelines & control documentation • PoS, sales presenters etc • Public relations, reputation management & crisis management • Direct mail • Advertising

For further information, please contact Richard Byrd ( or 704.350.5776