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churchbrandpodcast 300x300 ChurchBrandTV Learn all the latest tips, tricks and techniques regarding social media and marketing for your business and ministry. Just the facts and not a lot of sales hype. I want your business to grow exponentially.We have a bunch of fun (a lil dancing will be required) and will have information you can apply directly to your business or ministry. Belt up it is going to be a great ride.
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Under Construction

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under construction l9wi2 Under ConstructionI am sure most of you have noticed there have been a lot of changing going on here on the website. We are under construction, a realignment of our mission, if you will. We will be adding new sections, taking down some old ones. With any change it can be messy, and normally I would test all of this on a different site and when I had it the way I wanted I would launch.

But this time I wanted to invite you in the creative process as we make these changes. Trying something different. Trying to jump in the song before I know the words. So hang on. it is going to fun. Feel free to leave comments.

3 Ways Social Media Can Benefit Your Church

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by: Felgrasgf 3 Ways Social Media Can Benefit Your Churchicia Shakespeare

First and foremost social media has to be viewed as a tool that will get users from a means to an end. It’s not intended to replace what should be deemed as “normal” human behavior, like face to face interactions or verbal conversations but I’m convinced that social media, if used consistently, and in the right context, can allow individuals in a ministry to connect “quickly,” “consistently,” and “effectively,” with their congregation. Social media can become an active and significant component to enhance any church’s ability of reaching people.

Let’s stay connected……

The greatest advantage of social media is the opportunity it allows people to quickly connect. For example, if the Pastor or another ministry leader, such as the Pastor’s Wife, Youth Pastor etc. wants to write a blog addressing their area of the ministry or just share something they feel is straight from the heart of God, the opportunity is now here to share. It could feel almost like a one on one conversation with the readers. The readers have the ability to participate in this process because they can provide comments or feedback about the blog. If they have additional questions, those can also be posted. Blogs in most instances are setup to be shared through other social media tools like Twitter or Facebook, therefore this information can be forwarded on, now turning this into a form of outreach.

Social Media: Support System

Social media in my opinion is ultimately designed to “bring people together” and with it’s ongoing use can create a powerful dialogue, giving members the feeling of a strong consistent support system. The infamous question that leads to almost all discussions on Facebook is the prompt: “What’s on your mind?” For a congregation, what better forum to give a voice to the members? The information being posted first and foremost is customized to the audience of friends, fans, or followers, which varies depending on the application being used. Pastors can make regular personal posts themselves, which always adds a special touch as the leader, or they may allow a staff member to act on their behalf as an administrator of the page. This allows for quick dissemination of whatever is intended to be communicated either way. Most times unless members have set-up an appointment for a formal counseling session at the church, it’s seemingly can be impossible to really get quality one on one time with a Pastor before or after a church service. Sometimes members have questions and may be too shy to ask or just may not have the time to wait in a line to speak to the Pastor. By the use of social media you may actually post what you are wanting to share as the advantage is the applications are accessible 24/7. You can post when it’s convenient for you! I can recall there were instances that I have wanted to share something with my Pastor or ministry leaders, but time may have not permitted me to stay to share or to meet and greet them. But now that dynamic has changed, I can post a comment or send a note. Posts on any of the tools are identified as personalized from the individual sending, therefore the interaction shows that it’s coming from you!

A World of Information

One third advantage of social media is it allows Pastors and staff to keep members abreast of what’s happening in the church in a concise, effective manner. Not only can daily messages of encouragement be shared, but actual up to date announcements, like; births, deaths, service cancellations, etc. can be communicated through social media mediums. Many individuals have these applications on their cell phones as well nowadays which allows for real time, up to date data!

Churches can also use social media tools for personalized invites for upcoming events. This allows the event planners to gauge the number of possible participants. This will also help a ministry team be more effective in their planning. If there is an overwhelming positive reaction to attend an event, it can then be assumed that the planning team is on the right track with that group. At the other extreme, if there is minimal interest shown to attend, then it’s back to drawing board for the next time or that event may even be considered for cancellation in order to reserve resources. Effectiveness represents success, not just going through with something ignoring the raw data being provided!

If you can clearly understand how social media will impact your ministry to quickly, consistently, and effectively, impact how you serve your members, I would say invest in all of it’s possibilities. It is a free resource.

About the Author
pic 2 199x300 3 Ways Social Media Can Benefit Your ChurchFelicia R. Shakespeare was born and raised in the Chicago land area and currently resides in this part of the United States. Her professional background covers both the business and educational sectors. She is the author of the self-published book “Cycle of Prayer; The Never Ending Journey,” and the executive producer of it’s companion CD “Cycle of Prayer; Volume 1.” She is also an ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and serves faithfully at her local church in many different capacities. Most of all she holds a sincere passion to see souls saved and people empowered to become whole; body, mind, and soul. She currently holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, and two Master degrees, one in Teaching and the other in Educational Leadership.

Proverbs 31 mirrors her endeavors and achievements as she continues to give God all the glory for the things He has done in her life and truly the best is yet to come! Proverbs 31:17, states: She is energetic and strong, a hard worker. (NLT)

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Powerpoint E-book Template

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ebook image 300x300 Powerpoint E book Template

Courtesy of

Oh yeah, just what you have been looking for in a project. The ability to create an e-book in the Powerpoint program. I live by content creation and whereas I have a great background in design, it has been relatively easy for me to create e-book content. Well the same ability is available to you. My friend over at Hubspot have created a Powerpoint template for e-books. That is right the same program you have been using for your presentations. Now you can use that to create an e-book.

Don’t believe me go over and take a look at how easy it can be to create an ebook using powerpoint.

10 STUPID THINGS that keep churches from growing

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41D9S0q80bL. SL500 AA240  10 STUPID THINGS that keep churches from growingWhen I saw the Title of this book I knew it was something I had to read. I am constantly coming across people who are asking this important question – How Do I Make My Church Grow. Well, I can now show you 10 things you are doing to stunt the growth of your church and organization. This list was compiled in a book written entitled Ten Stupid Things That Keep Churches from Growing: How Leaders Can Overcome Costly Mistakes by George Surratt. Geoff Surratt, pastor of ministries at Seacoast Church in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina,.  Here is the question does this sound like you and your church?

are the 10 stupid things, according to Surratt, that keep churches from growing:

  1. Leaders do it all
  2. Establishing wrong role for the pastor’s family
  3. Second rate worship experiences
  4. Low quality children’s ministry
  5. Promoting talent over integrity
  6. Clinging to bad location
  7. Copying another successful church
  8. Favor discipline over reconciliation
  9. Mixing ministry and business
  10. Letting committees steer the ship

J. Richard Byrd

The Churchbrand Architect

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52 Blog Tips to Kick Start Your Blog in 2013

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moz screenshot 4 52 Blog Tips to Kick Start Your Blog in 2013ebook copy1 52 Blog Tips to Kick Start Your Blog in 2013I just had to share this post with you. You know it is my job to scour the internet to find interesting posts that help you get your voice.

1. Heard

2. Listened to

3. and viralized.

Problogger who is the ultimate in great blog writing has assembled an incredible list of blog tips. if you want to really IMPACT the World. This blog post will be one that you should read. I hope you enjoy.

Audit (Trim the Fat)

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Audit Audit (Trim the Fat)Today I began the fight to automate, consolidate, and trim the fat from my business, by auditing my business workflows. Now to some the word audit may be a bad word. But in this context I assure you it all good. I started the process today by writing down my daily schedule. This is my audit stage. You can’t cut if you don’t know what you do. I first start with my morning ritual and procedures. I took a close look at each process and basically wrote down each step to a project.

Here is an example.

Morning Twitter Ritual:
a. Check DM
b. Check and respond to all mentions
c. RT and Schedule 4 or 5 posts
d. Connect with 5 people new people.

And I continued with process until I listed all of my morning routine. This process gave me 2 good things.
1. Where I am inefficient or efficient.
2. Where I can make improvements.
3. Now that I written my procedures – I can decide whether or not to have someone else complete these tasks on a daily basis.

Go ahead and give it a try – you don’t have to do it the same as I, but take a minute and audit your workflow.  Leave a comment and let me know how it worked or if there is a better way.


J. Richard Byrd

Urban Marketing Specialist

Twitter Church

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As an early adopter of technology I came across this blog post about the Twitter Church. This may not be for every church or for every church service – but it does hold some possibilities for reaching and connecting in our services.

I watched the debates this past year – chatting on facebook – watching on CNN – and watching online via a twitter tv. What a phenominal experience. The ability to really interact with people across the world in realtime was absolutely amazing. I have never felt as in touch with the political process as I did at that moment. I believe a Twitter church experience will accomplish the same in your service. Let me know your thoughts. Enjoy the article

ChurchBrand Architect

Urban Church Marketing Specialist

Link provided by my new friend @eminister who also has some great blog posts.

One Page Business Plan

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Got this email from Andrew Morrison, who by the way is one of the most extraordinary business minds I know, this morning. I had no other choice but to share it with you. It is time sensitive in some matters but also has great tidbits that will last a lifetime. I too have used the one pager to finance many deals. I know it works. Thank you Andrew for putting this together. — Enjoy

business plan writer 300x232 One Page Business Plan
I would like to personally help you to create a one-page business plan that will position your non-profit or for-profit organization for tremendous growth. Send an email to for more information on this limited-time offer.

- – - – - – - – - -

Attend the FREE< Secrets to Business Success Seminar
(In-Person or Via Conference Call)
Monday, November 19, 2012 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
National Action Network
106 West 145th Street
New York, NY 10039

- – - – - – - – - -

I know that most people are familiar with 30 page business plans that take weeks to complete. Are you open to utilizing a one-page plan to capture the attention of potential team members and investors? I have used this format to raise millions of dollars and I hope you discover the power in brevity and begin to place your best ideas into a one-page format.

Now, you may be thinking …. Andrew, did anyone ever write you a check based on a one-page plan? Well, the answer is a resounding – NO!

Then, why write a one-page plan?

The one-page plan is actually a conversation starter. It’s a quick way for you to present your value proposition, listen for objections and fine-tune your idea based on feedback. The actual process that I have experienced, as well as my clients, is that a one-page plan then leads to a 20-page proposal that gets funded.

Why spend time writing in a vacuum. A one-pager is an easy way for you to share an idea and then subsequently expand the idea based on direction from an interested investor.

Forgive me for repeating this again. It pains me to see people spend months on a project when a one-pager to the right person can save you time and money.

Why spend the time writing in a vacuum. A one-pager is an easy way for you to share an idea and then subsequently expand the idea based on direction from an interested investor.

Be wary of the person who keeps asking for more information but never had the power or desire to invest in your project. The one-pager will force the person to fairly quickly share their level of interest.

The page should contain the following:
> Your contact information
> “Bold” headings to indicate sections
> At least 12-point type
> Lots of white space
> Statistics that prove your point

Here is an overview of key sections:

Select a title that grabs the reader’s attention and speaks to a benefit, customer pain or strategic relationship that you developed.

Explain the idea listed in your title in a few sentences. Remember to mention any significant accomplishments to date.

Describe who you plan to target. List different target markets if you have several audiences.

Provide an overview of the size of the market and any trends that will impact the business

Share the profit margins and valuations of companies in your industry. Include key expenses as a percentage of revenue and number of years to profitability.

Offer a timetable of three to five critical next steps

Team Members:
List the names with a one-sentence bio of strategic roles in your organization.

Request a dollar amount and the suggested type of financing

Use of Funds:
Outline a general breakdown of how the funds will be utilized

You just read the key elements of any plan. Be open to making modifications based on your industry.

Let’s get started today writing that one-page business plan. Remember that the two best times to plant a tree is 20 years ago and TODAY!

Expect the Best,

Andrew Morrison
Small Business Camp

P.S. If you need strategic advice on how to draft and present your business concepts, just send an email to to hear about my special offer. I’m here to serve!

2 Quick Social Christmas Projects

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Hey Friends,

2 new social projects I am working on- let me know if you can help- 1. A teddy bear project – the bears are 30.00 and they need 30 more to give to children in the hospital.

2. Anyone in the Louisville Kentucky area – I would like to give a single mother w/several kids and taking care of a sick mother, a sp a day (or similar) for Christmas. Hit me up with ideas or if you can help in these projects.

Richard Byrd

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Seigle Avenue Evangelism Conference

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seigleave Seigle Avenue Evangelism Conference

Had a wonderful day participating in the evangelism conference at Seigle Avenue “the Avenue” Presbyterian Church. Just wanted to post a couple of the links I discussed in my conference. code theave for the discount

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