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churchbrandpodcast 300x300 ChurchBrandTV Learn all the latest tips, tricks and techniques regarding social media and marketing for your business and ministry. Just the facts and not a lot of sales hype. I want your business to grow exponentially.We have a bunch of fun (a lil dancing will be required) and will have information you can apply directly to your business or ministry. Belt up it is going to be a great ride.
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Under Construction

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under construction l9wi2 Under ConstructionI am sure most of you have noticed there have been a lot of changing going on here on the website. We are under construction, a realignment of our mission, if you will. We will be adding new sections, taking down some old ones. With any change it can be messy, and normally I would test all of this on a different site and when I had it the way I wanted I would launch.

But this time I wanted to invite you in the creative process as we make these changes. Trying something different. Trying to jump in the song before I know the words. So hang on. it is going to fun. Feel free to leave comments.

Review: H4N Handy Recorder

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H4n Handy RecorderThe H4n Recorder is a truly remarkable piece of technology. With its built-in X/Y stereo mics it can record at either 90° or 120°. It is capable of four channel simultaneous recording using built-in and external mics has digitally controlled, high-quality mic preamp for improved audio quality. The large 1.9-Inch LCD screen and improved user interface make for easy operation. To top it all of a 24bit/96kHz Linear PCM recording makes the recording very pristine. Review: H4N Handy Recorder
In my opinion I’d give this product an eight out of ten. I use the H4n for making podcasts and it is an invaluable asset. The mics pick up clear and detailed sound and being able to convert files to mp3’s before they reach the computer helps to save time that can be used to help create the final podcast.This XY microphone, which is built into the unit, captures a very natural stereo sound. You can even get a clear sound with the built-in microphone 15 feet away from the source of the sound. The AKG 414’s are just as wonderful when positioned towards you when you’re speaking during your podcast, however these are sold separately and must be bought to experience. With the microphones close to the sound source, there is significantly less “room” sound. This would be more suitable for a studio recording, while the built-in sound would be more appropriate in perhaps a classical or field recording.  Review: H4N Handy RecorderOne of the only real problem that I see is that it’s bass response isn’t as good as it could be. Also the windscreen that comes with the recorder doesn’t do much for wind noise outside but a different windscreen would probably do the trick in reducing that.All in all this recorder is a must have when creating a podcast. It’s many benefits overshadow it’s too few flaws and makes it worth the extra money to buy.


  • Microphones’ unique design allows for greater range of sound capture.
  • Clear and detailed sound that shuts out outside noise.
  • File conversion on device.


  • Poor bass response.
  • Windscreen does not protect against wind noise too well.

How to Use Evernote in Speaking and Preaching

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I have been using Evernote for a couple of years now. I use it to manage meeting notes, store blogging ideas, and file interesting articles I read on the Web. It has basically become my electronic brain. However, unlike my aging brain, Evernote provides near-instant recall.

Evernote Web 3 How to Use Evernote in Speaking and Preaching

Recently, I started using it to manage the raw components of my speeches. I have seen a lot of different systems for this. One of my authors, who is also a popular public speaker, once showed me his system. It contained literally thousands of 4? x 6? cards, arranged alphabetically by topic.


I decided to use Evernote for this and am loving it. It works beautifully. I don’t have everything converted yet, but enough to make it an indispensable tool. This database will only become more valuable over time.

If you are just getting started with Evernote, I suggest that you buy Brett Kelly’s remarkably practical e-book, Evernote Essentials, Second Edition. It is worth setting aside a couple hours to work through this brief, 95-page book. It will save you DAYS of learning Evernote on your own.

I have set up four separate notebooks in Evernote:

  • Illustrations
  • Jokes
  • Quotes
  • Statistics

I am now in the process of adding my content to this database of speaking resources. Specially, I am including the following:

  1. Blog posts. I am going back through my 900-plus blog posts and extracting the various components. When I find a personal illustration or a historical anecdote, I copy and paste it into my Illustrations notebook. The same is true for quotes and jokes.
  2. Web articles. When I am reading on the Web, I do the same. If I stumble across something I think I might want to use later, I copy and paste it into the appropriate notebook. This can include everything from other bloggers’ posts to news articles.
  3. Digital books. This is also a big advantage of using Kindle for my reading. Anything I highlight in a Kindle book is automatically extracted to my personal Highlights page on Amazon. I can copy and paste these directly into Evernote from there. This is a huge productivity boost.
  4. Traditional books. One of the great things about Evernote is that you can share individual notebooks with others. For example, I am still reading several print books and highlighting them as usual. In the margin, I put an “I” with a square around it to indicate to my assistant that I want her to key the highlighted content into Evernote. I use a “J” for Jokes, a “Q” for Quotes, and a “S” for Statistics. Like this:

see the rest at Michael Hyatt

2 Quick Social Christmas Projects

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Hey Friends,

2 new social projects I am working on- let me know if you can help- 1. A teddy bear project – the bears are 30.00 and they need 30 more to give to children in the hospital.

2. Anyone in the Louisville Kentucky area – I would like to give a single mother w/several kids and taking care of a sick mother, a sp a day (or similar) for Christmas. Hit me up with ideas or if you can help in these projects.

Richard Byrd

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Top 5 iOS 7 Features

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From the new Control Center to background downloading, Veronica shares the Top 5 features she loves about Apple’s new iOS 7.

Technology & Mom’s: Making Trends and Taking it to Another Level!

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happy mothers day Technology & Mom’s: Making Trends and Taking it to Another Level!

courtesy of Seattle Post

As we gear up for Mother’s Day, I wanted to find a way to honor some mom’s who are making waves and making technology and social media the “it” thing these days. As I began my research I found several moms who I believe are worth knowing as they’re making waves in the technological movement and in their mom-hood!

Kristen Munson is the president of Kmunse Marketing and the founder of Social Media Mom a NING Network devoted to keeping mothers across the world wide web connected in their own forum. It’s sort of like a Facebook for mom’s only, but anyone can join of course. She’s a wife and mother of 17 years and has learned how to make social media “her business”. Here’s how, as part of her business plan she:

· Sells advertising on her blog as well as other blogs

· Is a consultant

· Offers social media training

You can use her site to stay abreast of what’s happening from using social media for disaster relief to getting the latest information on how to find the best online coupons!

Kristen’s website:

Tara Lewis is another noteworthy mom of three. She is also a Wife, Pastor, Publisher, and she refers to herself as the Très Chic Fitness-Fashionista.” She is the founder of Momfit the Movement” where she gets her message across on health, wellness and beauty through the MOMFIT MAGAZINE™ The Only Fitness-Fashion Magazine for Moms and by Moms. She boasts over a 1,000 followers on her Facebook fanpage where’s she’s constantly giving tips on how to stay fit, bold, and beautiful both physically and spiritually!

Tara’s other endeavors include MomFit Apparel™, and The MomFit Training Program™, which empowers and equip Moms to redefine themselves and reach personal wellness goals for themselves as well as their families. And there are many other projects under development!

Tara’s website:

Jen Singer is the mother of two tween boys and the creator of MommaSaid.neta place for moms on the brink of desperation to laugh and linger.”  This virtual community for mothers has grown to reach thousands from all over the world. Her website was deemed as Forbes Best of the Web” community for moms. She’s made many appearances on television and radio (see her website), and she is currently on a book tour with her latest guide to parenting “Stop Second Guessing Yourself: Baby’s First Years.”

Jen can be found tweeting her daily mommy happenings on twitter. Her approach is to connect with moms to the extent that you feel like she’s your typical “mom neighbor, however there’s nothing typical about this mom!

Jen’s website: (

I would be remised if I did not acknowledge my own mom, Ruthie L. Shakespeare, who was a successful wife of 30 plus years, Counselor, Ordained Minister and mother to her three biological children and so many others! I’m a great part of who I am because of all her mommi-ness! Thank you and I love you momma! I finally talked her into setting up a twitter account, so you can follow her @

Happy Mother’s day to all!


Additional Mother’s Day gift ideas and resources for the aspiring technological mom:

“Rock the World With Your Online Presence” by Mike O’Neil

Social Media Is a Cocktail Party” by Jim Tobin with Lisa Braziel.

“Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.” Carol Dweck’s

About the Author:

Felicia R. Shakespeare was born and raised in the Chicago land area and currently resides in this part of the United States. Her professional background covers both the business and educational sectors. She is the author of the self-published book “Cycle of Prayer; The Never Ending Journey,” and the executive producer of it’s companion CD “Cycle of Prayer; Volume 1.” She is also an ordained Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and serves faithfully at her local church. Most of all she holds a sincere passion to see souls saved and people empowered to become whole; body, mind, and soul. She currently holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, and two Master degrees, one in Teaching and the other in Educational Leadership. 

For more information please visit: or email:

Sharing in Google Docs

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google docs logo1 Sharing in Google DocsSharing documents have never been easier -One of the most pressing issues with business or ministry is being able to seamlessly work with your team, especially if you are in different places. Here comes Google Docs. Google Docs allows you to share documents across multiple platforms.

I have been using Google Docs for about 1 year now and it has drastically increased our productivity here in the office. Having a common repository allows multiple people on my team to work on projects together. This gives us quicker turnaround and better synergy. No longer do we have to wait or look for a document on someone’s desk or desktop. Or if you are like me, I work on multiple computer in the course for the day – Google allows me to start a document on one computer, move to another computer and pick up right where I left off.

Oh and it is free. This is a great way for a ministry to get started without having a great big outlay of cash. But don’t take my word for it. Take a look at the Video Below.

A users’ guide to personalizing your Vanity URL

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facebook 300x300 A users guide to personalizing your Vanity URL
It has finally come – we are just a few hours away from Facebook allowing personalized URL (Vanity URL). You will now have the chance to have This will be a great addition in the Urban Church Marketing Arena.

This does however, pose a threat to some branded names. but for the most part, most people will be able to get the name of their choice. Here is where it gets sticky. Many people have created a personal profile and a business page with the same name – 544323946 997e79d2e2 m A users guide to personalizing your Vanity URL

Also Facebook will not allow the vanity url for fan pages with less than 1000 fans to have a vanity url. We are working real hard at RSM to come up with a couple of answers, but until then take a look at this article from CNET.;txt

Richard Byrd
The ChurchBrand Architect
Your Urban Church Marketing Specialist

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Pastor’s Intro to Social Media

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pastorintro1 Pastors Intro to Social MediaThank You for Stopping By -

All over the country ministry leaders and Pastors are trying to figure out how to maximize this new things called Social Media. Many have heard of the wonders of Facebook Twitter and Youtube. But the small question still remains.

How Do I Use It and Be Effective

Well I have done It Just For You:


The Pastor’s Guide to Social Media


In this e-book – I go on to describe


How to Set-up a Twitter Page

Which Programs to Use with Twitter

15 Plugins – You should have on Your WordPress Blog

What is a Blog and How to Use It

How to Set-up your LinkIn Page

7 Things I do each Morning that grows your network and it only takes 10 Minutes

and so much More…

These are the same tools I use to grow my clients social networks to over 500,000 users. And it is yours FREE.


Click Here to Get Your Free Copy 

Thank You

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I just wanted to send a quick note to everyone thanking you for participating in our Cyber Monday Blowout- It was incredible. My success is based on your success. I don’t take it lightly that you choose to do business with me and my team. If I get enough response today, I will speak with my team and see if we can extend the sale. What do you think about that? — Let me know. Leave a Comment.