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churchbrandpodcast 300x300 ChurchBrandTV Learn all the latest tips, tricks and techniques regarding social media and marketing for your business and ministry. Just the facts and not a lot of sales hype. I want your business to grow exponentially.We have a bunch of fun (a lil dancing will be required) and will have information you can apply directly to your business or ministry. Belt up it is going to be a great ride.
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Under Construction

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under construction l9wi2 Under ConstructionI am sure most of you have noticed there have been a lot of changing going on here on the website. We are under construction, a realignment of our mission, if you will. We will be adding new sections, taking down some old ones. With any change it can be messy, and normally I would test all of this on a different site and when I had it the way I wanted I would launch.

But this time I wanted to invite you in the creative process as we make these changes. Trying something different. Trying to jump in the song before I know the words. So hang on. it is going to fun. Feel free to leave comments.

At $347,000 Per Baptism Maybe It’s Time To Rethink Church

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a million dollars At $347,000 Per Baptism Maybe It’s Time To Rethink ChurchA title that catches your attention – I could not resist getting this information to you. Has your church taken time to look at the cost of parishioner or conversion acquisition costs? More importantly should these tools be used in the church? I have a lot to say about this subject – But you should first look at this article and then leave a comment.

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Project Management with Asana

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We at use Asana as one of the key tools to manage our editorial process and all of our projects.

It helps that it’s free for 30 users or less – but we’d pay for it – if we had to as well.

Asana Inbox screenshot final large verge medium landscape Project Management with Asana

Courtesy of

I like it because it’s easy to add tasks and assign tasks. But the other features it has such as tagging, dates, sub-tasks and more – make it invaluable.

  • Recently Asana added even more features – translating to awesome benefits for teams.
  • Sometimes you delete tasks and need to find them and get them back – Asana has this feature now.
  • You can also use Asana to track your time (especially billable client time).
  • Often times tasks change but you want to know what has changed in that task -you can now do this.

Asana rocks and you should consider adding it to your tool set – your business will thank you

- See more at: Small Biz Technology

10 Reasons Why I Prefer The iPad Mini Over The iPad 2

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By Scott Williams

Let me start this post off by saying, “I’ve had every version of iPad and iPhone that has ever existed.” My last iPad was the White iPad 2 which I rocked with a portfolio type Skinny Case. My iPad has always been my Technology Swiss Army Utility Knife of choice. I use it for web surfing, speaking, researching, reading books, music, videos…

Recently I left my iPad 2 in my rental car at Thrifty in Tampa, FL. (That’s crazy because I travel a lot and this has never happened.) Unfortunately it was not recovered and that’s an entirely different blog post. I’m still believing that it will be recovered, according to Find My iPhone it hasn’t been logged into wifi yet.

Prior to the incident of leaving my iPad in Tampa, I had purchased 5 iPad mini’s. Honestly, I was just a little excited that The Apple Store in #OKC happened to have them in stock while I was shopping. I thought they would make great Christmas gifts. icon smile 10 Reasons Why I Prefer The iPad Mini Over The iPad 2

One of those 5 Mini’s ended up being an early Christmas gift to myself. Fortunately, I was able to restore my new iPad Mini from the last iCloud back up of my now “lost” iPad 2. I began browsing around my new little apple device before I headed out of town. My family and I were headed to Hawaii the day after I began using my iPad Mini. This trip is a combo speaking and vacationing trip. (I’m actually typing this post from my 19th floor balcony on Waikiki Beach.)

I have been using the Black iPad mini wifi only for a few days now and have come to the conclusion that I prefer it over the iPad 2. Below are 10 Reasons Why.

10 Reasons Why I Prefer The iPad Mini Over The iPad 2

Original Post Here


11 Questions Church Leaders Should be Asking

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 11 Questions Church Leaders Should be Asking Here is a great article from church consultant Tony Morgan.  Tony has served on the senior leadership teams at NewSpring Church (Anderson, SC) and  Granger Community Church (Granger, IN). With Tim Stevens, Tony has co-authored Simply Strategic Stuff, Simply Strategic Volunteers and Simply Strategic Growth–each of which offers valuable, practical solutions for different aspects of church ministry. His newest book, Killing Cockroaches (B&H Publishing), was released in 2009. The article is an incredible read, and a conversation all leaders should be having in their local church.  Read below

A friend in ministry recently asked me what questions church leaders should be asking. I thought about the types of questions I try to help answer when I’m working with them in the church consulting or coaching relationships. Here are the first questions and some bonus thoughts that came to mind:

  1. When was the last time I heard from God? Am I doing what he called me to do? This is the “Acts 6? question. Acts 6 is a great reminder that it’s possible to be doing the ministry of God without doing the ministry God has called us to do.
  2. What should our church be known for in this community? For a moment, ignore anyone who attends your church. What does the rest of the community know about your church?  That’s a better reflection of whether or not you’re really accomplishing your vision.
  3. Are we really focusing our time, money, leadership, prayer behind the things that will produce life change and community impact? If not, there’s a good chance that “fairness” is driving these decisions. Fairness never produces revolution.
  4. Is our church growing both spiritually and in numbers? Churches that are stuck and not bearing fruit hate this question. As I’ve shared before, I don’t believe healthy churches are necessarily big churches, but healthy churches are growing churches.
  5. Is there a clear path to help people take steps in their faith with the ultimate goal of them becoming fully-devoted followers of Christ? Having a vibrant Sunday worship experience is only one component of that. I’m amazed at how many churches haven’t really established a discipleship strategy beyond Sunday morning. Continue Reading…

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Welcome to my church marketing blog. I will be the first to admit I have not been the best at keeping this blog updated. I promise to do better in the future. As you can see we have a new design. Thanks to Nyghel for the header design and to Bryan Veloso for the great code.

I started this blog because I was distressed about the number of Urban churches that were behind the curve when it comes to marketing and branding. I would often see in my travels, multiple logos or ineffective billboards without any true ROI. I felt led (church slang for gut feeling) to create this place where ministries could find assistance in pushing their vision further.

If you haven’t answered the questions, What do you do, Why do you do it, Who do you serve, and Why should anyone care.  This is the right place for you. God Bless

Richard Byrd

Happy New Year

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YouTube – Melinda Watts WINNER OF GOSPEL DREAM 2008
Happy 2009. First Video of the Year. Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus.

This is a repost – but as we move into this new year, it is so important to realize that we can only be successful if our trust is in Jesus. What is more profound, is there can be a peace and a sweetness to believing and trusting in Him.

As you make your resolutions – be resolved to help others – to believe in yourself – and to push your dreams to the limit. The economy has recessed and maybe even depressed, but there is name – that when lifted can draw all men. And so we resolve to progress, to move forward, and not be held hostage to the past. Be resolute in your faith- firm in the knowledge that you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you. Please have a safe and prosperous 2009.

Please Enjoy my good friend – Melinda Watts

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Pastor’s Intro to Social Media

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pastorintro1 Pastors Intro to Social MediaThank You for Stopping By -

All over the country ministry leaders and Pastors are trying to figure out how to maximize this new things called Social Media. Many have heard of the wonders of Facebook Twitter and Youtube. But the small question still remains.

How Do I Use It and Be Effective

Well I have done It Just For You:


The Pastor’s Guide to Social Media


In this e-book – I go on to describe


How to Set-up a Twitter Page

Which Programs to Use with Twitter

15 Plugins – You should have on Your WordPress Blog

What is a Blog and How to Use It

How to Set-up your LinkIn Page

7 Things I do each Morning that grows your network and it only takes 10 Minutes

and so much More…

These are the same tools I use to grow my clients social networks to over 500,000 users. And it is yours FREE.


Click Here to Get Your Free Copy 

Why Aren’t You Blogging

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twitter preview 150x150 Why Arent You BloggingI got this link today from a new blog I have subscribed to called the Pew Review. He has a great book coming (shameless plug). If you have every wondered about blogging or sharing your thoughts on line. Even if you have been just contemplating blogging, this blog will inspire you.

In this video Seth Godin and Tom Peters- 2 of the foremost authors and entreprenuers of our time, discuss the psychology behind blogging. If only one person reads what you write, the sheer experience and process of blogging will assist you in life. I usually don’t post articles like this one, there is one expletive in the video, but it has to be the best information in 1:30 minutes that will bless your life and push forward your ministry. Eat the meat and throw out the fat.

Enjoy and give me your thoughts.

Let’s hear it for the blog | OPEN Forum by American Express OPEN

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The Pain of Growth

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pain main The Pain of Growththe positive pain of growth The Pain of GrowthExcerpt from | by Tim Stevens, Executive Pastor

Last week I was asked, “If our church is going to double in the next two years (from 500 to 1,000), what will it take?” Here is what I shared…

* Some of you won’t have as much access to the senior leader. This has to be okay with you.
o Ask: Are you more committed to maintaining the tight-knit staff size and your proximity to the pastor? Or are you more committed to the church growing?
* Some of you are doing okay as a leader in a church of 500, but that’s not going to cut it at 1,000. You need to be willing to step aside into another role.
o Ask: Are you more committed to keeping your position and title? Or are you more committed to reaching more people?
* You will need to anticipate the strain and pressure before you actually feel it. You are the leader–looking ahead, around the corner.
o Ask: Are you comfortable? If so, you probably aren’t anticipating growth adequately.
* You will have to be as willing to stop stuff as you are to start stuff.
o Ask: What are you doing that takes time and energy and diverts your focus? What has God uniquely gifted your team to do where you should put more focus?
* You will have to drive up the level of excellence. When people walk up to a fair booth to buy food, they have one expectation of service and quality. At McDonalds, it’s another level. And when they walk into a Houlihan’s, it’s yet another level. As you grow, so will the expectations of your guests.
o Ask: What areas of the ministry would not be considered excellent if you were a church of 1,000?

What would you add to the list?

Want to hear from Tim and other leaders about growth and what it looks like on a practical level for the way we do church? Register for the AND Conference. The Early Bird deadline is coming up – register by this coming Monday, September 20 to get this pricing:
- $199 per person
- $189 for 2-5 people
- $179 for groups of 6+
(After September 20, prices go up $20/registration)

Check out the lineup of speakers, the schedule and join the conversation that’s already happening about the Genius of AND.