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Day 2 Creating an Editorial Calendar (30 day content creation challenge)

Welcome back. I hope you guys had a wonderful day yesterday creating phenomenal content and creating schedule. Here is another quick tip for you. In order to keep track of what you want to create it is always a good idea to have an editorial calendar. It doesn’t have to be anything that’s huge or complex. It can be real simple.

One of the things that I like to do is just say

Week 1: I’m going to concentrate on social networks.

Week 2:  I’m going to concentrate on technology. Etc.

You may be working on a book so your editorial calendar may look like this.

Day One: table of contents

Day Two: Finish Chapter 3

Day Three: Finish Chapter 4, etc.

The idea behind editorial calendar is not to stifle creativity but to give you some structure so that you don’t spend as much time thinking about what you want to write about, rather than what you’re going to write. (wow that was a crazy run on sentence) So below find some helpful places where you can learn about how to create a editorial calendar and we will see you on tomorrow.

Articles –
How to Create an Editorial Calendar for Your Blog  – My favorite from Rod Kirby
Episode 20 – How to Create an Editorial Calendar – Podcast

How to Create a Successful Editorial Calendar  ( has some great WordPress Plug-in)

For Book Writers:

How to Write a High-Quality eBook in 30 Days
J. Richard Byrd


Action Steps:

1. Create an editorial calendar for at least the next week.

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