My Content Creation 30 Day Challenge

schedule 150x150 My Content Creation 30 Day ChallengeI usually take off the month of August to recalibrate and get ready for the 3rd Quarter. I spend time with the kid, go to the mountains and spend a lot of time reassessing life and business. For the past 3 years, in September, I have taken  a 30 Day Challenge. This challenge usually takes me back through all of the social networking aspects I have learned over the years. As always there are new things that are available, this time helps me fine tune my knowledge. This challenge keeps me sharp.

Well this year, In the middle of the challenge, I realized that I was always taking someone else challenge that it was high time I really challenge myself. So I have decided, this year in additional to my normal knowledge gathering programs, to create a piece of content everyday. Create a podcast, blog post, video, tutorial or something every day for 30 days. Well I have started and will be releasing these items over the next few weeks.

Over the years, I have collected all of this technology and to be honest never really put it through the paces. Well, these next 30 days, I am going to push myself to do what I often tell my clients to do. GIVE VALUE. What do you have in your life that you want to accomplish. A 30 – 60- 90 Day Challenge may be the way of getting off the backside and making it happen. So buckle up and lets have some fun.


Urban Marketing Specialists  PS. If you have any information you would like for me to cover during this challenge- leave me a content or contact me at





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