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There’s a Shaking Going On – Can You Stand

Crowded%20Commuter%20Train Theres a Shaking Going On   Can You StandI was sipping my coffee the other remembering a year prior, I was making my daily 2 hour train commute. Although, relaxing in the morning, the trip home in the afternoon. , especially on Fridays sometimes turned into a 4 -6 hour commute.

The platform would be littered with people trying to make it home for the week-end. I would pile myself into the already overstuffed train car; not finding any seats, I would maneuver through people trying to find a little space to breathe. I would be jostled, pushed, and sometimes stepped on, as the train would lurch from side to side. I would hold on for dear life just to keep from being thrown to the floor. My only consolation, was knowing that soon I would be home.

Yet again, I find myself being jostled, pushed, and stepped on, by the train of life. I still find that my sole consolation, is knowing that soon I will reach my destination. Friends, there is a shaking going on. My question to you – Are you willing to Stand and Hold on until you get to your destination?

J. Richard Byrd

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