Since, 2009, I’ve personally helped hundreds of clients build their ministries and use effective marketing through one on one consulting.  After spending a few years answering the same questions over and over and teaching people how to do exact same thing week after week, I decided to produce some high quality Video Training Tutorials.

These training products allow me to help an even larger number of people at a lower cost to the individual. These tutorials have the added benefits of immediate access and the ability for you to review the training materials over again, as needed. I continue to enjoy working with my clients one on one. However, I encourage everyone to first browse through the list of training materials below to see if there is a tutorial that will help you immediately.

DAY 1 (Thirty Day Content Creation Challenge)

Posted by on May 10, 2013 in 30 Day Content Challenge, General, Training | 0 comments

DAY 1 (Thirty Day Content Creation Challenge)

With any challenge getting started is the hardest part. But before you even get started it is more important that you establish a rhythm. That is right the first part to content creation is creating a schedule. What are the prime times for you to create - When are you most creative? What times are you at your best? Is it morning noon or night? These are the question you have to ask yourself. Now I know many of you have extremely busy schedules. I understand that. But a schedule will allow you to function at a high level. To help you out I...

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