What’s in a Brand?

By Scott Magdalein, Guest Blogger

If you read this blog often, then you’ll see the word “brand” come up here and there. It’s used as a noun, meaning the collection of your logo, letterhead, visual identity, and design guide, etc. It’s also used as a verb, as in the action of standardizing all those things mentioned above.

Here’s another point-of-view: If traditional marketing is dead (not yet, but almost), then you’re going to have to move beyond the traditional view of branding, which tells you to get a good logo and plaster it everywhere. Your brand needs to become more built-in, natural and part of everything you say, do and think — not just everything you publish.

There are a handful of churches that grasp this concept. You can tell because you know them by more than just their logo. For example, LifeChurch.tv has a brand that reaches beyond their logo, which is nothing spectacular to be honest. Their brand includes their reputation for creativity, innovation, risk-taking and scope of ministry. As another example, Elevation Church’s brand is way bigger than a logo in that they’re known for audacity in a city full of stale religion.

What I’m saying is that your church’s brand has to be bigger than a rock star logo if you expect to be remembered. You have to become your brand and your brand has to become you. Sounds existential, huh?

pixel What’s in a Brand?