Track time to get paid

There are those who want to keep time tracking and invoice generation simple. For those who want something more robust, Billings Touch may be the right app. It links all your billable hours, flat-fee services, individually priced items, and expenses. It has a wide array of reports, and includes integration for processing of credit cards. […]

Text-to- Speech

What is text-to-speech? Often confused with speech-to-text (you speak and the text is generated), the text-to-speech turns printed material into spoken words. It lets you hear versus read information. What makes a good text-to-speech app? The quality of the reading voice, the accuracy of what it reads, and the speed at which it reads. Write […]


Keep Track of All the News That Interests You with RSS Readers If you subscribe to a large number of RSS feeds, it’s quite easy to be consumed with all this incoming information. This is where your iPhone steps in. The mobility it provides lets you read your new when and where you want. Plus […]


Scan It! Your iPhone Makes it Fast and Easy Do you dread having to drag out your scanner to turn even a small about of information into something electronic? Well put that cumbersome scanner aside and get out your iPhone! While it may seem that you are simply taking a picture, which you are, a […]

Calendar Apps for Iphone

Never Miss an Important Event with Calendar Apps for Your iPhone When you’re busy, it can be overwhelming trying to track where you’re supposed to be and what you’re supposed to be doing. Sure, any calendar app can help in that regard, however, you might be seeking something a bit more feature enriched that surpasses […]

Google+ Content Strategies

Over the last few days I’ve been getting a lot of questions about his class. I believe the Google+ is in the upcoming platform that is going to be very useful to the everyday church. Besides being a great platform it is also a wonderful place for increasing your Google SEO. My friends over at […]